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January 16, 2009


Megan Parker

#5 is just beautiful!!!

debra r

oh kelley... these are just breathtaking... i stumbled upon your blog a few months ago, and can't stay away. your images are just beautiful. and i love the knit items you use too!! they are just unique and wonderful. who makes them? can you get patterns for them?... again, just beautiful..


oh wow these are all so wonderful and precious, beautifully done!


Oh, you have such crisp black & whites. Just gorgeous. I'll have to practice some new techniques to get mine looking better.

Kelley Ryden

Cristy - get them young and they will curl up! Elana is just covered in a blanket in the 6th image!

Cristy Cross

so what do you use to make them all bundled up like that? I have a newborn session tomorrow and I need some help. You always have awesome newborn shots. Also, what is the sack thing you put them in?

Lacey heart just melted at the stunning beauty of these two, captured in PERFECT photography. What a treat!

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