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November 04, 2008


Kayla Renckly

Lovin the baby shots, gorgeous all of them!

Debra Sabino

You are truly gifted. Besides having a wonderful talent, you are blessed with such a fulfilling, enjoyable career in working with children! You ROCK!!!!


I couldn't possibly choose just 1 favorite. You've been busy capturing amazing photographs! Love them all!


Oh how I wished you or I were close by to one another. I would love for you to photograph my daughter...maybe one day I will make a trip...and to think I just stumbled upon your site from lol crazy

Daniela Sitar

Wow...I love every singe image you post, it's impossible to pick a favorite. Your style is amazing and I aspire to be half as good as you some day. Keep the posts coming.


Holy moly Kelley! All of them are just stunning. Amazing work!


I must say, your work is amazing. They are truly beautiful. It puts a smile to my face =]

You've inspired me to want to take pictures of newborns and children. That's something I don't have in my portfolio.


I am not a professional photographer but I have gotten interested in taking pictures of my neices. How do you keep the newborns so soundly asleep. My neice is a month old and hates to be without clothes. How do you keep them happy? Thanks,


as say`s in my country (Ukraine)-you can not drink away talent!!! You must be very interesting personality


I am just speechless! Kelly you are so very talented! These are all beautiful.

Amy in Washington

My favorite is the little boy by the fence with the hat. Great capture of personality and perfect cropping!


amazing! i like them all!! You've got incredible talent!


amazing! i like them all!! You've got incredible talent!


My favorites are the newborn shots and the little boy in the tan sweater, so cute!


Worth the wait!

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