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November 09, 2008


Aric Hoek

You have excellent use of composition. The fact that the images are slightly overexposed is also nice, giving the skin a soft feel.

I see some people photograph babies with their eyes closed, and they fail so miserably that the baby looks lifeless.

These are very well done. Raise your prices.

Kelley Ryden

Alecia - it's actually a piece of sheer fabric that I got at Hancock fabric here in Omaha. It wasn't stretchy until I washed it, and now I really love the texture of it.


Simply beautiful, yet again!! If you don't mind sharing, what is the material you have wrapped over the babies head? It looks like cheescloth, but with more stretch...


Your photos are beautiful! But prompt, how you manage so strong to lull kids? Not all children well sleep...

Fabulous Terrah

The first and last ones make my heart melt. :)

jess m.

oh! wow! these are all so fabulous!

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