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November 13, 2008



These are beautiful!

Kayla Renckly

Goodness that last one melts my heart!


I love these. Those babies are so tiny! Your processing is excellent.

Kelley Ryden

Nicole - it's a floor cushion from World Market!


i just wanted to say how much i LOVE all your pics! so amazing and inspiring!! also i was wondering where you got that round strawy looking thing that looks like it might kinda be a floor pillow??! haha does that make any sense?? thank you!

Cheryl Johnson

oh my goodness that second image has to be the best twin shot EVER - amazing work :)

Annie West

Ohhh my heavens!! LOVE your photo's---beautiful beautiful work. Those littlepouches are to die for--- :)

Just found your blog---will be definatly checkin back!

Kelley Ryden

Hi Jenn. My sister is just too busy to sell them right now! Try this link, she makes some cool wraps for newborns:

Jenn Galloway

Sorry to bug you again, but does she (or would she) sell them?

Kelley Ryden

The wraps are made by my sister... each one is original and unique!


awww absolutely precious and so perfect!

Ann Vincent

Love your work! I see I'm not the only one wondering where you get those cute little pouches?


I just found your blog too. You are awesome! Where did you get those little knit sacks? They are great

Sandi Bradshaw

I just recently found your blog as well...and I have to say...your newborn work is some of the prettiest I've ever seen. Totally inspiring!

Jenn Galloway

I am new to your work and ABSOLUTELY loving it! Stunning! You work is really something for me to aspire to be.

Where do you get the sweater type pouches? They are TOO cute?

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